Conference theme: Apache EventMesh(incubating) bi-weekly meeting

Meeting time: 2022/09/29 21:00-22:00

Tencent Conference:

Conference number: 346-6926-0133

Host: Mike Xue

【Feature follow-up】

1. Kafka (Summer of Open Source Project)——Li Haohai

a. pr has been incorporated

b. Interested students can try it out

c. Supplement related documents

2. DashBoard function introduction (GSoC project)——Liu Xiaoyang

a. Planning docking workflow features

b. Currently, the dashboard interface is provided, providing some basic functions

c. Welcome to claim the interaction and integration feature of workflow and dashboard

3. Pulsar——fengyongshe

a. pulsar connector consumer pr submission

b. pulsar connector plugin loading bug fix

4. Knative——JOJO

a. has been merged into the master branch

b. Consumption in cluster mode and broadcast mode has been merged into the feature branch, but has not yet been merged into the master branch

c. knative-connector exception scene regression

d. Try to integrate knative-kafka knative-rabbitmq broker and optimize related configurations

e. Support knative service (source\sink) docking eventmesh, try to use eventmesh as a knative plug-in

5. workflow——Zhu Yuwei

a. The workflow code has been developed, and the split pr is in progress

b. The sdk difference is about 10%

c. Overall joint debugging with eventmesh server

d. The version is expected to be released at the end of October

6. Storage API specification and design——Lao Hu

a. The progress is 85%, enter the overall function joint debugging, jdbc function, pull consumption, metadata management

b. Expected to be submitted in mid-October

7. Webhook problem fix——Lao Hu (closed)

8. eventmesh-server-go——Liu Le, horoc

a. Runtime server implementation, the overall progress is 50%

b. The grpc protocol plugin pr has been submitted

c. standalone and rocketmq connector pr have been merged, rocketmq go client and java client are different

d. The difference between go cloudevents api and java api

9. AMQP——Wang Shaojie, Luo Xuqi

a. Submit pr for connection and channel shelves

b. Protocol conversion pr implementation submission

c. Supplementary progress after the meeting

10. Pravega——Liu Wei

a. Cluster mode and broadcast mode consumption, implementation details discussion

11. Filter and Transformer——Xue Weiming

a. filter api has been submitted to eventmesh filters branch

b. Integrate jsonpath to achieve filtering

c. Welcome everyone to participate in claiming

12. Support Open Function, Spring Function, Spring Streaming

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