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There are main goals of this release

  • This is TLP release
  • Share the new feature(s) & bug fixes that have been developed so far, to give the community a good sense of the upcoming 1.0.0 release

Release Artifacts

Download the 1.0.0 release

This release contains both Source & Binary artifacts.

Release Notes (JIRA Link: Jira Link)


  • [FINERACT-228] - As a manager, i want to get reports on "Deposits to Staff Account "
  • [FINERACT-243] - Constitution Type Required Field
  • [FINERACT-317] - Installment amount defined for flat type loans is not working properly for Amortization "Equal Installments"
  • [FINERACT-380] - S3 permission issue -- add system property
  • [FINERACT-389] - Arrange the accounts that fall under one account type in order of their GL codes
  • [FINERACT-402] - Integrate PMD and Findbugs with Fineract
  • [FINERACT-406] - Loan top up having same disbursement date of last transaction date of loan account is not allowing
  • [FINERACT-412] - Add Share account in Global Search
  • [FINERACT-447] - There should be option(check box) in order to select all clients on Bulk JLG loan application page


  • [FINERACT-5] - Interest re-calculation setup for loan product but repayment doesn't occur
  • [FINERACT-10] - Charge payment by Account transfer is not working as expected
  • [FINERACT-16] - Cannot close Savings Account when linked to a loan even when loan status is closed
  • [FINERACT-78] - Specified due date percentage charge calculation uses loan principal amount instead of installment principal amount
  • [FINERACT-115] - In Loan tranche details page if any tranche is added, "Tranche disbursement charge" is getting added twice"
  • [FINERACT-126] - Not able to Submit the loan application if multi tranche is added and the "Expected disbursement on" field is left blank displays internal server error
  • [FINERACT-151] - If the disbursement date is modified during loan disbursement the first repayment schedule generated is not proper
  • [FINERACT-158] - Prepay loan with installment fee attached will go to the overpaid state than getting closed
  • [FINERACT-159] - Not able to disburse the loan after deleting the first three installments in variable installments
  • [FINERACT-166] - Installment fee should not get collected if the prepay of loan is done before first repayment
  • [FINERACT-205] - If the disbursement date is changed to next meeting date during loan disbursement then first repayment date is falling on disbursement date in repayment schedule
  • [FINERACT-221] - After submitting the modify application the currency is not getting updated as per the new product
  • [FINERACT-234] - Can't process bulk JLG loan application [MIFOSX-2137]
  • [FINERACT-247] - Not able to save collection sheet if payment details is added (Payment type nothing is selected from dropdown)
  • [FINERACT-249] - PortfolioProductType.SAVING and PortfolioProductType.CLIENT have the same value
  • [FINERACT-261] - Validate that a GL account isn't attached to a product before setting to disabled
  • [FINERACT-297] - cannot remove all Mapping Fees,Penalties to Income Accounts
  • [FINERACT-303] - "% Loan Amount + Interest or %Amount" if collected as disbursement fees it is not working as expected
  • [FINERACT-310] - Editing 'Product Mix' Not Working
  • [FINERACT-311] - Issue With 'Payment Due On Non Working Days'
  • [FINERACT-312] - For Loan with interest recalculation periodic accrual with respect to current date is not getting modified after repayment in Transaction page
  • [FINERACT-316] - Should allow to add loan transactions after Account Closure date
  • [FINERACT-320] - Should allow to reschedule the loan if partial payment is done before.
  • [FINERACT-323] - If a user has “create client” permission, but doesn’t have “activate client” permission, he/she can still activate the client while creating a client using ACTIVE checkbox
  • [FINERACT-326] - Edit datatable page not able to save if the single character is entered in New Name field
  • [FINERACT-330] - No error message is getting displayed in productive collection sheet if meeting is not attached to center/group
  • [FINERACT-333] - Could not able to create BULK JLG Loan
  • [FINERACT-334] - Cashier can still make cash transactions even if there is not enough money allocated.
  • [FINERACT-335] - Not able to create loan charges with charge calculation as "% Disbursement amount"
  • [FINERACT-342] - Reinvesting Recurring Deposit Throwing Null Pointer Exception
  • [FINERACT-344] - Should not allow to add guarantor ,If savings account activation date is gretar than loan application submitted date
  • [FINERACT-345] - Should not allow to add guarantor, If savings account transaction date is greater that loan application submitted date
  • [FINERACT-359] - In Daily Repayment Schedule, the date immediate after center/group 'Start Meeting Date' is not being considered for the repayment if loan is disbursed on center/group 'Start Meeting Date'
  • [FINERACT-364] - Submitting Collection Sheet through Maker Checker Throwing Error
  • [FINERACT-365] - The 'Transactions' tab showing wrong balance in RD account
  • [FINERACT-366] - Issue With Creating RD account with 'Charge Time Type' Savings Activation
  • [FINERACT-377] - Reinvesting Recurring Deposit is taking present date in stead of maturity date
  • [FINERACT-379] - Can not link a Saving account to during Group Loan Application
  • [FINERACT-399] - Barebones and Sampledata sql files are broken
  • [FINERACT-417] - The interest distributed is not correct when "interest free period" has a value and interest method is flat
  • [FINERACT-432] - Cashier is allowed to be assigned to another teller even if he is assigned 'Full day' for first teller
  • [FINERACT-433] - Transactions done by cashier for one teller is replicating in other teller with same cashier but different time duration.
  • [FINERACT-434] - Cashier should have same date range or 'in-between' range as that of teller which he is assigned to
  • [FINERACT-435] - Cashier assigned with time duration for specific teller should not overlap with other teller time duration
  • [FINERACT-436] - Fix security vulnerabilities related to using public mutable and nonconstant fields
  • [FINERACT-443] - On Bulk JLG loan page, If no clients are selected, it is getting Submitted.
  • [FINERACT-444] - Bulk JLG loan not throwing any validation error if expected disbursement date and group meeting date are different one.
  • [FINERACT-445] - Bulk JLG loan not throwing any validation error if repayment Frequency(loan product level) and group meeting frequency are different one
  • [FINERACT-446] - Bulk JLG loan application not throwing any validation error if expected disbursement date is prior to Submitted date.
  • [FINERACT-448] - No validation error message thrown, if submitted date is future date in Bulk JLG loan application page
  • [FINERACT-449] - No validation error message is thrown if multi-tranche loan product is selected for bulk JLG loan application
  • [FINERACT-450] - Loan products attached with overdue(penalty) charges are not getting submitted as Bulk JLG loan application
  • [FINERACT-451] - Loan products attached with specified due date charges are not getting submitted as Bulk JLG loan application
  • [FINERACT-453] - loan related integration test are failing
  • [FINERACT-455] - No Validation Error if we select Submitted and expected disburse date in Bulk JLG Loan , later than meeting start date.
  • [FINERACT-458] - Unable to Modify JLG loan application


  • [FINERACT-374] - Add Gradle wrapper download location in readme file


  • [FINERACT-371] - Make gradle callable from the top level directory.


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