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Apache Fineract CN is an application framework for digital financial services, a system to support nationwide and cross-national financial transactions and help to level and speed the creation of an inclusive, interconnected digital economy for every nation in the world.

The API Documentation (temporarily located here) helps developers build apps on top of Apache Fineract CN platform.

Running the unit tests in the component-test module to generate snippets used for documentation involves you assigning values to the snippets, sourceDir and outputDir variables of the 'asciidoctor' task in component-test module's build.gradle file. 

  1. Run each of the unit tests in the test classes as indicated in table below so that passing unit tests get snippets generated in snippets folder ( 'build/doc/generated-snippets/' by default ). The table below shows documented services and corresponding test classes containing updated unit tests.

  2. Create an api-docs.adoc file using this in sourceDir ( 'build/doc/asciidoc/' by default ) which references your recently generated snippets.

  3. Run ‘gradle asciidoctor' to get the api-docs.html file generated in the outputDir folder ( 'build/doc/html5/' by default )

This table will be updated in case more files are changed for API documentation purposes.


Concerned Test Classes


fineract-cn-office and

fineract-cn-customer and


fineract-cn-accounting,, and

fineract-cn-portfolio,,,, and





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  1. I created a little project that hosts the generated API documentation and the needed *.adoc files to re-generate the documentation:

    It misses some of the projects listed in this table as I wasn't able to generate any documentation for those.