This list is probably incomplete

Although having a summary might be interesting, the actual list of decisions can be found by looking for email threads which have [VOTE] in their subject lines, on the Apache Flex dev list archive at

This page contains out of date information and has not been updated for some time.

List of decisions by topic

  • Discussions 
    • The Apache Flex Contributors believe in a mantra to help ensure we as a community have a consensus about changes and additions to the Framework: "If it didn't happen on the list, it didn't happen." Subscribing to a to the Apache Flex Mailing List ( will allow you to follow and contribute to the discussions.
    • Sending messages do Mailing List: Follow the Subject Tagging rules at Getting Started
  • Code Refactoring: org.apache.flex [1]
  • Infrastructure
  • Initial concerns
    • First commits: First Commits occur through a "patches" branch
    • Thoughts and Ideas: Committers are granted access to a whiteboard where they can share thoughts and code for discussion through a Whiteboard.
    • First issues on JIRA: Please avoid adding duplicate tickets to JIRA. We are currently waiting for Adobe to commit their existing JIRA tickets.
  • Tools
    • Testing Tools: Apache Flex supports testing with FlexUnit and Mockolate.
    • Building System: Apache Ant
  • Versioning (thanks to Omar Gonzalez) [2]
    • 4.6.x - Reserved for Adobe to patch bugs and implement security fixes. [3]
    • 4.7.x - Reserved for Adobe [3]
    • 4.8.0 - First Apache Flex version. This version should be pretty much identical to what Adobe donated with 4.6.0.
    • 4.9.x - Versions to apply bug fixes and improvements that do not introduce API breakages, do not add significant new features, components, or Spark architecture changes.
    • 5.0.x - First Apache Flex big release. First big changes will start arriving for this version.


[2] This was decided on the ML, but there is already an Issue on JIRA

[3] These versioning numbers have NOT been discussed directly with Adobe. It is being taken as a "just in case" measure.

Pending decisions

  • Coding Style: Possibly in the same format of existing code to avoid having to format all the code base. Find more details at
  • TLF (Text Layout Framework) version: Waiting for Carol Frampton to commit the integration made between TFL 3.0 and Flex 5 code branch
  • Localization Plan:  How we use US English for most documents and how we optionally provide translated versions. See Localization Plan
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    The JIRA links on this page are pointing to unrelated issues. Probably the issues unmbers changed after the import from Adobe JIRA.