Community Rules

(This will be sent to every newcomer who joined the slack workspace, as well as posted on the project website.)

  • Be respectful - This is the most important rule!

  • All important decisions and conclusions must be reflected back to the mailing lists. "If it didn’t happen on a mailing list, it didn’t happen." - The Apache Mottos

  • Use Slack threads to keep parallel conversations from overwhelming a channel.

  • Please do not direct message people for troubleshooting, Jira assigning and PR review. These should be picked-up voluntarily.

Roles & Permissions

  • Roles

    • PMC Members - Workspace Owners

    • Committers - Admins

    • Others - Members

    • Roles are manually updated. PMC Members and Committers can reach out to existing Workspace Owners for role changing.

  • Permissions

    • Mentions

      • @everyone - Workspace Owner

      • @channel, @here - Admin

    • Channels

      • Creating public channels - Workspace Owner

      • Creating private channels - Admin

      • Archive channels - Workspace Owner

Invitation Link

The invitation link can be found on the project website:

We are using the Slack Free Plan, where each invitation link is limited to adding 100 new members.

If the limit is reached, any committer can update the website with a new invitation link. (Make sure create a link that never expires.)


We are still in progress of setting up an archive for the slack messages. 
FLINK-27721 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Initial Public Channels

Newcomers will be automatically added to the channels in bold.

  • #announcements - Community-wide news, events and announcements.  // This is the Slack #general channel where all members of the workspace are included and cannot leave.
  • #introductions - Introduce yourself and say hi to everyone!

  • #troubleshooting - Asking for help on using Apache Flink. (Do not mention specific people.)

  • #show-and-tell - Share articles, presentations, ideas, projects, integrations related to Apache Flink.

  • #dev - Coordination among Flink developers. (Do not mention specific people.)

  • #lang-中文: Asking for help on using Apache Flink in Chinese.

Welcome Messages

(Currently, welcome messages are delivered via Zapier. To modify the messages, please reach out to Jark Wu.)

Welcome, thanks for joining the Apache Flink community!

Getting Started:

- Introduce yourself in #introductions

- Use #troubleshooting to ask for help or discuss any problems with using Apache Flink

- Use #show-and-tell to share articles, presentations, ideas, and projects related to Apache Flink

- Announcements, upcoming events, meetups, and other community news are shared in #announcements

Community Rules:

- *Be respectful* - This is the most important rule!

- All important decisions and conclusions *must be reflected back to the mailing lists*. "If it didn’t happen on a mailing list, it didn’t happen." - The Apache Mottos

- Use *Slack threads* to keep parallel conversations from overwhelming a channel.

- Please *do not direct message* people for troubleshooting, JIRA assigning, and PR review. These should be picked up voluntarily.

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