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Overall MBean Model

Note: The following is missing the LocatorMBean (any member hosting a locator will have a LocatorMBean including standalone locators and members with an embedded locator).

Figure 2.3. 

Below is an example of how the new MBeans would look within JConsole based on the currently spec'ed ObjectNames for each MBean. The overall strategy is to organize things in a top-down hierarchical way, such that you could drill down into Member -> Region -> region1 and then see all the members that have that region. JConsole uses just the value portion of the key=val pairs that make up the MBean's ObjectName. But when looking at the complete ObjectName it includes the key as well and is thus self-describing.

    +Management --> ManagementMBean
        +System --> DistributedSystemMBean (aggregate)
            +region1 --> DistributedRegionMBean (aggregate)
            +region2 --> DistributedRegionMBean (aggregate)
            +GatewayHubImpl-1    --> DistributedLockServiceMBean (aggregate)
            +DTLS                --> DistributedLockServiceMBean (aggregate)
            +PERSISTENCE_region1 --> DistributedLockServiceMBean (aggregate)
            +group1 --> ServerGroupMBean
        +member1 --> MemberMBean
        +member2 --> MemberMBean
                +member1 --> ClientServiceMBean
                +member2 --> ClientServiceMBean
                +member1 --> DiskStoreMBean
                +member2 --> DiskStoreMBean
                +member1 --> LockServiceMBean
                +member1 --> LockServiceMBean
                +member2 --> LockServiceMBean
                +member1 --> LockServiceMBean
                +member2 --> LockServiceMBean
                +member1 --> RegionMBean
                +member2 --> RegionMBean
                +member2 --> RegionMBean
            +hub1 (gatewayHub)
                +1 (gateway)
                    +member1 --> GatewayReceiverMBean
                    +member1 --> GatewaySenderMBean
            +member2 --> LocatorMBean