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Older Specifications

Geode Modularization Proposal (work in progress)

OQL Aggregate functions and UDA

Pluggable Cache Persistence and Overflow Stores

Function Service Usability Improvements

Custom External Type Definition Proposal

Pluggable Data Converters

Proposal for Geode Modularization

Notes for rolling upgrade updates

Lucene Index Creation on Existing Region

New Client Server Protocol

Refactoring Proposals

Function Service Refactor - Removal of static-ness and splitting of client and server-side FunctionService

Replace UDP messaging for membership with TCP

Allowing more distributed-system-ids than 255 (work in progress)

Proposal for Gfsh Feature Flag

Configuration Persistence Service

Lucene built-in QueryProvider for user to run complex search in gfsh

Finer grained security

Proposal for supporting default SSLContext

WAN Gateway Sender Callback API & Dead-letter queue example implementation

Cluster Management Service

Simple JDBC Connector

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