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Error responses will contain a human readable message about what happened, but will also contain a numeric code describing the type of error.  The following list provides an enumeration of these values with a bit of detail about the error type they represent.

Error code grouping and enumeration

Error CodeDescriptionNumeric Value

General Errors

Unknown Cause
GENERIC_ERRORUnable to match error to a more specific error code


Protocol Errors
VALUE_ENCODING_ERRORRequest data can not be decoded, or unable to encode response1100
UNSUPPORTED_VERSIONServer is unable to process the given protocol version1101
UNSUPPORTED_OPERATIONTarget is unable to handle the given operation type.1102
Authentication Errors
AUTHENTICATION_FAILEDUnable to authenticate the client1200
AUTHORIZATION_FAILEDClient isn't authorized to run the attempted request1201
Server Errors
LOW_MEMORYServer did not have enough memory to run the request1300
DATA_UNREACHABLEServer was unable to access the system containing the requested data1301

Operation Failures

Generic Operation Errors
CONSTRAINT_VIOLATIONRequest parameters did not match system requirements2000
BAD_QUERYRequest is malformed or is of an unknown type2001
Region Errors
REGION_NOT_FOUNDRequest is attempting to access a region which doesn't exist on the server2100
Query Specific Errors
QUERY_PARAMETER_MISMATCHQuery request does not match the expected number of parameters2200
QUERY_BIND_FAILUREParameters are not of the correct type2201
QUERY_NOT_PERMITTEDQuery is not allowed on the target region2202
QUERY_TIMEOUTQuery did not complete in time2203
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