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Locator Connections

Locator connection have slightly different behavior from cache server connections.  In version 1 of the protocol, locators are unable to maintain state on connections for round trip communication.  They still need to start off their connection with a NewConnectionClientVersion to identify the connection as protobuf and specify the version, but this must be immediately followed by a locator request operation from below.  If the locator is able to communicate with the given protocol version, it will handle the request operation, send the corresponding response, and then close the connection.  If unable to communicate with the requested version, the locator will just close the connection.



Returns a Server to which the client may connect.  You are allowed to exclude servers that you do not want the locator to consider and you may restrict the set of servers considered by the locator to a specific group.  See "Using Member Groups" in Geode documentation.



Field NameData typeDescriptionMandatory?Repeated?

one or more servers that should not be considered

by the locator as being suitable for the client


tells the locator to limit its search to the set of servers

in the given group




Field NameData typeDescriptionMandatory?Repeated?
server Server  A server to which the client may connectY

Expected Behavior

  • The locator will choose a server for the client to use in performing cache operations
  • The locator will return a Server object that holds the coordinates of the server or it will return an error response if no server is available that matches the criteria in the GetServerRequest.



Error CodeError DefinitionError Description

No suitable server could be found. If you excluded some servers

you might want to retry without excluding them.

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