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What is this proposal solving? Why does the problem matter? How does the problem affect the user?


What is outside the scope of what the proposal is trying to solve?


Describe your solution and how it’s going to solve the problem. This is likely the largest section of your proposal and might even include some high-level diagrams if you are proposing code changes. While all important aspects need to be covered, also keep in mind that shorter documents are more likely to be read.

Changes and Additions to Public Interfaces

If you are proposing to add or modify public interfaces, those changes should be outlined here in detail.

Performance Impact

Do you anticipate the proposed changes to impact performance in any way? Are there plans to measure and/or mitigate the impact?

Backwards Compatibility and Upgrade Path

Will the regular rolling upgrade process work with these changes?

How do the proposed changes impact backwards-compatibility? Are message or file formats changing?

Is there a need for a deprecation process to provide an upgrade path to users who will need to adjust their applications?

Prior Art

What would be the alternatives to the proposed solution? What would happen if we don’t solve the problem? Why should this proposal be preferred?


Answers to questions you’ve commonly been asked after requesting comments for this proposal.


What are minor adjustments that had to be made to the proposal since it was approved?

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