This section briefly describes the changes to some of the features from the previous release and their impact on current installations. This section also includes a list with the new features added in this release.

Bug fixes

A complete list of bugs fixed and improvements can be found in the RELEASE-NOTES-1.1.TXT.


  • Deployment plans
    The plans have been updated to support versioning, configId has been totaly removed and replaced with a whole new structure as illustrated in the following example.
    Refer to Deployment plans for details.
  • ReDeploy command for existing deployed applications.
    You no longer need to stop, uninstall, install and start an application you want to redeploy. This commands allows you to redeploy installed applications matching the moduleId.
  • New hot deploy for compressed jars.
  • In Place deployment for exploded J2EE modules.
    Allows you to deploy an application from a directory external to Geronimo's directory structure, you can point the deployer tool to the directory where you develop the application.
  • Offline deployer available as a tech-preview.

Eclipse Tooling

  • Upgrade to run on Web Tools project 1.0.2.
  • Support for JDK 1.5
  • Ability to deploy from tooling to remote server.
  • Web Services support added to WTP.
  • Server download from update site enhancements.
  • Little-G server download ability.
  • Launch admin console within Eclipse tab.


  • Enhanced SMTP support in JavaMail.
  • Shared library for users.
  • JDK 1.5 support for non-corba applications.
  • Keystore configuration
  • JMS resources

Geronimo Administration Console

  • Information - Server memory utilization graphic.
  • Database Pools - Progress bar when downloading plugins and JDBC drivers.
  • New and enhanced portlets for monitoring Thread Pools.
  • Apache HTTP - Remote HTTPd configuration
  • Geronimo Plugins import and export capabilities.
  • AJAX usage in console for usability.


Little-G is a friendly name for the lightweight version of Apache Geronimo, it has a reduced footprint (under 20 Mb) and comes in two flavors.

  • Minimal Tomcat configuration
  • Minimal Jetty configuration


  • Statement cache for JDBC drivers.
  • CMP, EJB, etc. enhancements.


The config-sotre has been removed and it has been consolidated into a single repository directory structure.


The XML schemas have also changed to reflect the configID to moduleId change. geronimo-config-1.1.xsd has been replaced with geronimo-module-1.1.xsd. Refer to for further details.


  • Lockout after N failed logins.

Tools and commands

  • Cached login settings for deploy tool. Allows you to store user name as password so you don't have to type it every time you run the commands.
  • Paramenters. As a consequence of changing the configId, the commands will now take moduleId as the paramenter instead of configId. See also #Deployment for enhancements on deployment related commands.

Refer to Tools and commands for additional details.

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