For this release of Apache Geronimo we consolidated both User's and Developer's guide into a single space. While maintaining a hierarchical structure this new organization will reduce the number of "clicks" to reach the info you are looking for. We hope you find this new organization easier to use. Enjoy it!

In this space we have consolidates all the documentation for Apache Geronimo v1.2. There is a list of topics to be covered and the discussion about the content is being carried on the developers mailing list, for subscription information refer to the Mailing Lists at the Apache Geronimo Web site.

The following table of contents is generated automatically as new content is added. This is a work in progress and collaboratively constructed through the Apache Geronimo community, your contributions to this documentation are welcome, this is a community effort. All the content contributed to this documentation is to be considered a donation to the Apache Geronimo project, as such all pages, docs and attachments are subject to the Apache License.

  2. Summary of changes
  3. Quick start - Apache Geronimo for the impatient
  4. Installation
  5. Administration
  6. Deployment plans
  7. Sample applications

Geronimo v1.2 documentation being updated from the previous v1.1.1 release.
From the list below the following docs still need to be updated:

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