For configuring new listeners (HTTP, HTTPS and AJP) to the Web container in use (either Jetty or Tomcat) the Network Listener portlet is available by selecting Web Server on the Console Navigation menu on the left hand side. From this portlet you can add new listeners as well as change the status (stop, start, delete) of the existing connectors.

Note that this version of Apache Geronimo lets you specify what implementation (BIO or NIO for Jetty and BIO, NIO and APR for Tomcat) you want to use for a given connector type. The specific parameters for configuring the connectors won't change based on the implementation you choose so, for simplicity, we will just show the generic HTTP, HTTPS and AJP configuration details.

The configuration options for each of the connectors listed below will be slightly different between Jetty and Tomcat Web containers. Tomcat for instance will have far more optional attributes to set compared to Jetty, however the required attributes will be the same for both containers.

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