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This is a Milestone release, that means that is not the final version of
Apache Geronimo v2.0 Take a look at "Known Issues and Limitations" section for
furhter details.

System Requirements
You need a platform that supports the Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+).

Most testing has been done on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Significant Changes in the 2.0 Release
Apache Geronimo v2.0 includes the following features:

- Full Sun JDK 5.0+ (J2SE 1.5.0+)
- Servlet 2.5 (Tomcat)
- JSP 2.1 (Tomcat)
- JSP Debug 1.0 (Tomcat)
- Servlet 2.5 (Jetty)
- JSP 2.1 (Jetty - via Jasper)
- JSP Debug 1.0 (Jetty)
- JSF 1.2
- JSTL 1.2
- Common Annotations 1.0
- JAF 1.1
- JavaMail 1.4
- EJB 3.0 (JPA only)
- JTA 1.1
- JMS 1.1
- JACC 1.1

Installing & Starting Geronimo
To install, simply unpack the .zip (Windows) or tar.gz (Unix) file containing 

If you wish to modify the default ports that Geronimo will use, edit the file 

Geronimo comes with batch and script files to control server start and stop 
functions.  To see usage examples simply type geronimo.bat or 
command as appropriate for your platform.  It is necessary to set JAVA_HOME to 
the copy of your Sun 5 JDK/JRE prior to executing the command.  

Here is an example to set JAVA_HOME:

export JAVA_HOME=<JDK/JRE_home>

To see the available command options type:


The command will display help text instructing you as to how to start and stop 
the Geronimo server.

If you prefer to start the server without a script file you can simply type: 

java -jar <geronimo_home>/bin/server.jar

Once the server has started, you can access the Geronimo Administration Console
at http://localhost:8080/console/ . The default user name is "system" and the 
default password is "manager".

Administration Console Security Configuration
The default administration user/password for the Geronimo Administration Console 
and deployment tool is system/manager.  You can change these defaults directly 
from the Geronimo Administration Console by accessing Security -> Console Realm
and change the user name and password from the Console Realm Users portlet.

As an alternative, you can make the same changes by editing the 
<geronimo_home>/var/security/ and 
<geronimo_home>/var/security/ files.

Deploying Applications
Geronimo comes with deploy scripts and batch files to deploy J2EE modules or 
applications. You can use the scripts or simply invoke the executable jar by 
running the following command (note that you need to start Geronimo first):

<geronimo_home>/bin/java -jar deployer.jar deploy my-web-app.war [deploy plan]

You will need to use the username "system" and password "manager" unless you 
customized those during the install process.  The deployment plan argument is 
optional -- you can pack a deployment plan into the application module, provide
it on the command line, or in some cases omit it entirely.

You can also use the "Login" command once and avoid to enter user name and 
password every time you use the deploy tool

For more information on the commands and options supported by the deploy tool,
run from within the Geronimo directory <geronimo_home>/bin:

java -jar deployer.jar help [command]

You can also graphically deploy applications and resources via the Geronimo 
Administration Console available at http://localhost:8080/console/

Other Deployment Options
As an alternative to the command-line deployer, you can copy application 
modules into the <geronimo_home>/deploy/ directory and the
hot deployer service will deploy them automatically.  The command-line deployer
has some advantages, as it will output any
deployment errors to its own console rather than just the server log.

Additionally, Geronimo provides a Maven plugin that can deploy applications to 
Geronimo as part of a Maven build.

Most configuration attributes can be updated in the 
<geronimo_home>/var/config/config.xml file.  The attributes most likely to be 
changed are already included in the supplied config.xml file, while others may
need to be added manually.

Certification Status
Apache Geronimo v2.0-M1, being a MILESTONE release is not a certified yet certified.

Known Issues and Limitations

<!-- open Bugs for 1.2 + 2.*  -->

     * GERONIMO-2657	Persistence-* builders need improvements
     * GERONIMO-2644	Fix leaking ClassLoaders
     * GERONIMO-2643	Stack trace (due to amq) while shutting down Geronimo
     * GERONIMO-2642	welcome app not included in the jetty assembly.
     * GERONIMO-2622	Implement PolicyContextHandlerSOAPMessage
     * GERONIMO-2605	NPE if exporting plugin for module having dependency on module with no groupId
     * GERONIMO-2598	Deploy tool prints useless message if configuration start fails
     * GERONIMO-2551	Plugin hits NPE if maven-metadata listed artifact doesn't exist or JAR artifact maven-metadata doesn't exist
     * GERONIMO-2534	Security realms portlet should validate the realm-name for duplicate name
     * GERONIMO-2491	Hibernate passes connections between servlets which we don't support
     * GERONIMO-2481	WebServers portlet: Create/Edit Tomcat Connectors should support editing of all supported connector attributes
     * GERONIMO-2480	Plugin installer status sticks on "Searching for X at Y" while downloading
     * GERONIMO-2416	ProxyMethodInterceptor should work with classes that have start,stop methods
     * GERONIMO-2290	Percent complete goes over 100% when installing configurations
     * GERONIMO-2289 generates wrong default-repository element
     * GERONIMO-2288	Abstract/Maven repositories install modules incorrectly
     * GERONIMO-2286	app client plan still uses Strings for dependency Module IDs
     * GERONIMO-2283	Common libs portlet guesses wrong group ID, gives no usage advice
     * GERONIMO-2246	Why resource-env-ref:admin-object-module?
     * GERONIMO-2082	[m2] stax dependencies are all wrong
     * GERONIMO-2028	Plugin export errors don't stop process, but cause it to fail much later
     * GERONIMO-2025	Undeploy and redeploy with no version leaves dangling entries in config.xml
     * GERONIMO-1917	repository doesn't deal well with case insensitive file systems
     * GERONIMO-1786	JMS Listeners for protocols activeio, peer and openwire fail to start
     * GERONIMO-1761	Change geronimo-util module to geronimo-crypto, give credit where credit is due
     * GERONIMO-1631	NoSuchConfigException when restarting app after undeploying
     * GERONIMO-1285	Deployer does not list all modules that have been stopped
     * GERONIMO-603	IllegalArgumentException when deploying WebApp containing a url-pattern of /* in security-constraint
     * GERONIMO-268	Connection Error handling problems
     * GERONIMO-250	Connector tries to commit after connection error

Specific Issues, Features and Improvements fixed in Version 2.0-M1
Release Notes - Geronimo - Version 2.0-M1

<!-- closed JIRAs  for 2.*  -->

** Bug
     * GERONIMO-2592	TSSLink doStart() method is not getting called.
     * GERONIMO-2630	sun j2ee schemas are being redistributed in jsp and servlet specs
     * GERONIMO-1135	Keystore password in
     * GERONIMO-2522	Hot deployer makes app hangs
     * GERONIMO-2402	Redeployment fails after third iteration.
     * GERONIMO-2646	WAR without a geronimo-web.xml deploys to the wrong context
     * GERONIMO-2560	Realm added using SecurityRealm portlet does not work
     * GERONIMO-1657	CommandSupport doesn't bubble up the exception. Prints stacktrace.
     * GERONIMO-2236	keystore portlet - providing a null or incorrect password on edit unlock can only be recovered with server recycle
     * GERONIMO-2350	CertificateChainCallbackHandler willfully conceals causes of failure
     * GERONIMO-2363	Console: create new pool using wizard, cannot use "show plan" button for any XA database, even derby
     * GERONIMO-2458	MapEditor does not work
     * GERONIMO-2459	Connector deployer needs to add dependency to j2ee-server for J2EEServer gbean reference
     * GERONIMO-2479	j2ee remote ejb clients should look for "localhost" not by default
     * GERONIMO-2533	Password setup forms should use a confirmation field
     * GERONIMO-2548	GBeanInfo should exclude attributes and operations of java.lang.Object class
     * GERONIMO-2549	NullPointerException: CommandListConfigurations
     * GERONIMO-2559	cannot stop activemq via kernel shutdown
     * GERONIMO-2566	Creating new listeners for ActiveMQ from JMS Server portlet fails
     * GERONIMO-2580	CorbaRefBuilder inserts ref for java:comp/CORBA that fails when corba gbean is not present.
     * GERONIMO-2584	Hot deploy module/server restart, throws IllegalArgumentException if application deployed using hotdeployment
     * GERONIMO-2585	KeystorePortlet: Lock keystore throws NullPointerException
     * GERONIMO-2586	KeystorePortlet: Unlock keystore for availability shows key aliases only when keystore is unlocked for edit
     * GERONIMO-2587	FileKeystoreInstance.loadKeystoreData() results in inconsistent state if wrong password is supplied
     * GERONIMO-2588	KeyStorePortlet: Locking and unlocking could use some error and info messages
     * GERONIMO-2591	Database Pools portlet: Create new pool dependency jar selection problems
     * GERONIMO-2602	default compile scope is overloaded with 2 meanings in PlanProcessorMojo
     * GERONIMO-2603	Building 1.2 if there are 2.0 artifacts in the repo results in mostly 2.0 artifacts in the server.
     * GERONIMO-2611	Configuration should not have duplicates in allServiceParents
     * GERONIMO-2615	Not enough info when a gbean ref can't be verified during deployment
     * GERONIMO-2623	Infinite loop in the SMTPTransport code when a socket factory class is used.
     * GERONIMO-2624	Offline deployer busted
     * GERONIMO-2625	Geronimo Console: login page prevents using username, password longer than 25 characters for login
     * GERONIMO-2627	jsr88 classpath is all messed up
     * GERONIMO-2631	jetty5 builder needs to parameterize the jsp servlet class
     * GERONIMO-2632	Connection errors can result in infinite loop
     * GERONIMO-2456	NOTICE.txt is missing some notices added during 1.1.1 development
     * GERONIMO-2377	deploying a new datasource with the same name does not indicate any problem in the console
     * GERONIMO-2652	XmlBeans is having trouble validating some xml from substitution groups
     * GERONIMO-2555	Windows scripts don't work when used from different drive
     * GERONIMO-2656	for jetty, in servlet-mapping, url patterns must be trimmed.
     * GERONIMO-2437	Empty dirs and config.xml entries left behind after undeploy
     * GERONIMO-2599	deploying RAR leads to message that Geronimo can't find web.xml
     * GERONIMO-2619	Javamail 1.4 spec needs to be using the JAF 1.1 version.
     * GERONIMO-1982	server try to deploy the modules in hot deployment directory again during server startup
     * GERONIMO-1519	ResourceException.toString() can return null
     * GERONIMO-646	Servlet calling HttpServletRequest.isUserInRole(null) causes NPE using Jetty container

** Improvement
     * GERONIMO-931	Rename administrative security realm
     * GERONIMO-1396	Provide consistent look and feel for table views in the web console across all portlets
     * GERONIMO-1880	To Allow configurable password digests during REALM Deployment.
     * GERONIMO-2392	Too hard to tell why a gbean doesn't start
     * GERONIMO-2499	Generalize NamingBuilder so it can handle more than just jndi building
     * GERONIMO-2589	Generate transitvily
     * GERONIMO-2597	Make web service builder optional
     * GERONIMO-2604	Create a specs pom
     * GERONIMO-2608	JACC 1.1 support (jsr-115 MR4)
     * GERONIMO-2634	Switch to activemq 4.1.0-incubator: include apache incubator repo in our repo list.
     * GERONIMO-2616	Move jee5 work from sandbox to trunk

** New Feature
     * GERONIMO-2460	JPA container managed persistence support
     * GERONIMO-2636	Update Jetty 6 assembly to use Jasper 6 for JSP 2.1 support
     * GERONIMO-2536	Support Java EE 5 JavaServerPages Standard Tag Library in Geronimo (JSTL, JSR 52)
     * GERONIMO-2535	Support Java EE 5 Common Annotation Spec in Geronimo (JSR 250)

** Task
     * GERONIMO-2537	All Geronimo source files must be brought in line with the new ASF source header and copyright notice policy
     * GERONIMO-2601	Remove the "Old Keystore" portlet
     * GERONIMO-2639	Upgrade dojo to 0.4.1

** Sub Task
     * GERONIMO-1722	"GERONIMO-851 Module migration to Maven 2: activemq-embedded-rar"

** Test
     * GERONIMO-2620	Need to create javamail 1.4 versions of the provider and mail jars
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