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Geronimo architecture documents are organized in the following sections:

  • GBeans
  • Plugin and plugins groupApache Geronimo is now assembled completely out of plugins including the server configuration files, in this section we will explain the overview of plugin system and introduce concept of plugin groups betaken starting from v2.2.
  • Connectors and Transaction Management
  • Geronimo directory structureThis page is intend to describing Geronimo directory structure and explaining the specified usage of each directory or file under <GERONIMO_HOME>.
  • RepositoriesGeronimo includes a repository that holds Geronimo modules and third-party JARs, which is located in repository under the Geronimo installation directory, and has a strict internal structure, modeled after the module ID for the contents.
  • Geronimo ModulesGeronimo is composed of a lightweight core (or kernel) and many modules. Each module may include system code (such as a thread pool or web container) or may be an application (such as the management console or a user-deployed application).
  • Topology planning
  • Plugins GroupA plugins group is basically a set of plugins for users to easily understand and consume.
  • Classloading
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