This page is intend to describing Geronimo directory structure and explaining the specified usage of each directory or file under <GERONIMO_HOME>.

Home directory of Geronimo installation

  • /bin/

    Directory that holds user utilities scripts

  • /deploy/

    Directory used for hot-deploy. The directory is created by a Geronimo plug-in org.apache.geronimo.configs/hot-deployer//car when the plug-in is loaded. By default, scans the directory for new archives or exploded application every 2000 ms. You can alter the default hot-deploy directory and polling interval by overriding a gbean named as followed:

    <gbean gbeaninfo=""
            <attribute name="path">NewHotDeploy/</attribute>
            <attribute name="pollIntervalMillis">6000</attribute>
            <reference name="ServerInfo">
             <reference name="ConfigManager"/>
  • /etc/

    Directory used for configuration of Gshell commands

  • /farming/

    Directory used to hold applications after farming

  • /lib/

    Directory that holds framework-only libraries for kernel to boot up

  • /repository/

    Directory that holds artifacts and dependencies of vary types locally

  • /schema/

    Directory that holds XML schema files, which cover the Geronimo deployment plans as well as common elements and specialized configuration syntax. Look into Understanding deployment plans for the usage of each schema.

  • /var/

    Directory that contains files to which the Geronimo reads/writes data during the course of its operation

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