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This topic is about how to monitor resources usage and status of Geronimo server.

  • Configuring log levelAdministration Console provides four portlets for configuring and viewing the server's logs, these portlets are the Log Manager, Server Log Viewer, Derby Log Viewer and Web Access Log Viewer.
  • Displaying JVM informationThe System Property values for the Server JVM portlet ( or just JVM) provides detailed information about Java runtime installed and being used by the Geronimo server.
  • Monitoring components on Geronimo ServerThe Geronimo monitoring plug-in is broken down between server and client plug-ins, referred to as the 'Agent' and 'Console' respectively. When properly setup, these plug-ins provide both local and remote real-time JSR77 compliant statistic monitoring, as well as historical tracking of any exposed statistic with visual representations drawn in the form of graphs through the Dojo Toolkit's dojoX Charting packages.
  • Monitoring thread poolsThe Thread Pools portlet provides information about threads being used by the Geronimo server.
  • Server uptime and resource utilizationThe Information portlet is available as the first option in the Geronimo Administration Console.
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