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  • Apache Geronimo Board Report - 2010-07 - July
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Apache Geronimo Board Report

No Major issues to report. The community has been active on the dev and user mailing lists. There have been multiple releases from the community (Geronimo Server, Eclipse Plugin, Java EE Specs, XBean, etc). The community continues to actively work on Geronimo 3.0 development while maintaining our 2.1.x and 2.2.x Server branches.



Geronimo 3.0-M1, our first Java EE 6-based release, was released in June. Geronimo 2.1.6 was released in July to address security vulnerabilities that were uncovered in Axis2 and CXF. The community has also been making progress towards a new 2.2.1 release.


Geronimo Eclipse Plugin (GEP) 2.1.5, 2.1.6 and 3.0-M1 were released.


A Geronimo plugin for OpenJPA 2.0.0 was released in April.


Geronimo TXManager 3.0 and JASPI 1.1 were released.



XBean 3.7 was released in May.


Geronimo Samples 3.0-M1 was released in July.


A number of Geronimo spec jars were released April to support our Java EE6 development efforts.

JUGs and Conferences

A Geronimo track has been planned for ApacheCon.

Policy Changes


New PMC Members

New Committers


Geronimo 2.1.6 was released to pick up security fixes in CXF and Axis2.

Other Issues and News

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