This series of articles is intended Apache Hadoop contributors.

  1. How To Contribute - long article that explains how to setup a build environment and submit Apache Hadoop patches.
  2. Git And Hadoop
  3. (Optional) GitHub Integration - Hadoop GitHub integration. This article explains how to use the GitHub pull requests to submit patches.
  4. How to generate and push ASF web site - If you want to contribute documentation/website improvements.
  5. (Advanced) Hadoop Release Validation - For validating Release Candidate builds.
  6. (Advanced, for committers) How To Commit
  7. (Advanced, for release managers) How To Release

Need Further Help?

Email or any of the sub-project-specific mailing lists:


  1. Hadoop Common issues are tracked in the HADOOP Jira instance.

  2. HDFS issues are tracked in the HDFS Jira instance.

  3. YARN issues are tracked in the YARN Jira instance.

  4. MapReduce issues are tracked in the MAPREDUCE Jira instance.

  5. HDDS/Ozone issues are tracked in the HDDS Jira instance.
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