TaskInProgress // All information should be exported to monitor system. // Depends on numBSPTasks.

Configuration conf;// defined in JobInProgress.

static final int MAX_TASK_EXECS = 1;// defined in JobInProgress.

int maxTaskAttempts = 4;// defined in JobInProgress

Boolean failed = false;


String jobFile = null;// defined in JobInProgress.

int partition;

TaskID id;

TaskAttemptID attemptId;// newly added, representing the attempt id for this task.

TaskStatus status; // newly added. indicate the state of this task, e.g. this task is running or not.

JobInProgress job;// TaskInProgress is contained within JobInProgress.

int completes = 0;// change to Boolean. so it also indicates if this task successes.

Boolean completed = false; // true indicates this task is successfully executed.

GroomServerStatus myGroomStatus;

String groom; // to which groom this task belongs.

long startTime = -1;

private int successEventNumber = -1;

int nextTaskId = 0; // should be calculated at runtime.

TaskAttemptID successfulTaskId;// see completed.

TaskAttemptID firstTaskId;// the first task stored in 2d task array. // see job task relation section

TaskAttemptID currentTaskId;// the last task in 2d task array should be the current execution task. // see job task relation section

TreeMap<TaskAttemptID, String> activeTasks; // mapping from TaskId to GroomServer. // Task to GroomServer relation is recorded by taskId and groom in o.a.h.b.v2.Task.

TreeMap<TaskAttemptID, TaskStatus> taskStatuses// each task should embed with a status object.

-BSPJobID jobId; // defined in JobInProgress. -

RawSplit rawSplit;

int mySuperstep = -1;// not used.

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