This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
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The Harmony team processes the regular Automated Testing of snapshots using the workloads groups below.

The groups are:

Acceptance Tests

These tests must be run by contributor before submitting the patch to JIRA. Basically "Classlib tests" are run against ther patches for working_classlib code and "DRLVM tests" are run against code located at working_vm.

Features / Specification tests

Harmony project uses set of test suites to check Virtual Machine and Java Class libraries functionality. the following suites are used for this:

Stability / Reliability tests

There are test suites to check DRLVM stability / reliability which are:

Application oriented scenarious

Harmony was turned to run different applications. We are checking that these application are kept supported with the help of following workloads / scenarious:


Apache Harmony Team

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