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Mission and Status (smile)

How to run SciMark (info)

  1. Prepare Common Environment (tick) 2. Running java version of SciMark (tick) 3. Running the LARGE version (tick)

Mission and Status

SciMark 2.0 is a Java benchmark for scientific and numerical computing. It measures several computational kernels and reports a composite score in approximate Mflops (Millions of floating point operations per second). Please see all the details here:

The mission is to test Harmony with SciMark 2.0 benchmark to achieve 100% pass rate for all computational kernels on all available platforms.

SciMark 2.0 is currently demonstrates 100% pass rate on all the following platfroms: Windows x86 32 bit, Linux x86 23 bit, Windows x86_64 64 bit and Linux x86_64 64 bit. Please see the testing results at automated testing report page which is:

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How to run SciMark

1. Prepare Common Environment

Download SciMark class files in Java Archive format from:

2. Running java version of SciMark

An archive contains a command-line version of SciMark 2.0. The package name is jnt.scimark2. ("jnt" stands for Java Numerical Toolkit.) Once added to the CLASSPATH, Scimark 2.0 can be executed from the console as

  >java jnt.scimark2.commandline

and will print out something like

SciMark 2.0a

Composite Score: 286.12763268029505
FFT (1024): 292.2655259640376
SOR (100x100):   501.41947450350756
Monte Carlo : 43.38000116830587
Sparse matmult (N=1000, nz=5000): 208.64692557613458
LU (100x100): 384.92623618948977

java.vendor: Apache Software Foundation
java.version: 1.5.0
os.arch: x86 Windows Server 2003
os.version: 5.2

3. Running the LARGE version

The LARGE version of SciMark 2.0 uses bigger data sizes desinged to be much bigger than most low-level caches (> 2MBytes) and can be useful in measuring the capability of the memory subsystem of the Java platform. This version of SciMark can be run as

  >java jnt.scimark2.commandline -large
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