This page documents which parts of the SQL standard are supported by Apache Hive. The information here is not a full statement of conformance but provides users detail sufficient to generally understand Hive's SQL conformance.

This information is versioned by Hive release version, allowing a user to quickly identify features available to them.

The formal name of the current SQL standard is ISO/IEC 9075 "Database Language SQL". A revised version of the standard is released from time to time; the most recent update appearing in 2016. The 2016 version is referred to as ISO/IEC 9075:2016, or simply as SQL:2016. Hive's SQL Conformance pages reference SQL features by the Feature ID values of the SQL:2016 Standard.

VersionSupported SQL Features
Apache Hive 2.1Supported SQL Features
Apache Hive 2.3Supported SQL Features
Apache Hive 3.1Supported SQL Features

Information in these pages is not guaranteed to be accurate. Corrections can be submitted to the Apache Hive mailing list at

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