IdentifierDescriptionHive 2.1Comment
E011Numeric data typesYes 
E011-01INTEGER and SMALLINT data types (including all spellings)YesInt instead of Integer
E011-02REAL, DOUBLE PRECISON,and FLOAT data typesYesDouble instead of Double Precision
E011-03DECIMAL and NUMERIC data typesYes 
E011-04Arithmetic operatorsYes 
E011-05Numeric comparisonYes 
E011-06Implicit casting among the numeric data typesYes 
E021Character data typesYes 
E021-01CHARACTER data typeYesChar instead of Character
E021-02CHARACTER VARYING data typeYesVarchar instead of Character Varying
E021-03Character literalsYes 
E021-04CHARACTER_LENGTH functionPartiallength UDF provided
E021-06SUBSTRING functionYes 
E021-07Character concatenationYesconcat UDF instead of standard || operator
E021-08UPPER and LOWER functionsYes 
E021-09TRIM functionPartialleading / trailing / both from not supported
E021-10Implicit casting among the fixed-length and variablelength character string typesYes 
E021-12Character comparisonYes 
E031-01Delimited identifiersPartialBacktick (`) used instead of ("). Semicolon character (;) cannot be used in an identifier. Table and column names have additional restrictions
E031-03Trailing underscoreYes 
E051Basic query specificationYes 
E051-02GROUP BY clausePartialEmpty grouping sets not supported
E051-04GROUP BY can contain columns not in <select list>Yes 
E051-05Select list items can be renamedYes 
E051-06HAVING clauseYes 
E051-07Qualified * in select listYes 
E051-08Correlation names in the FROM clauseYes 
E061Basic predicates and search conditionsYes 
E061-01Comparison predicateYes 
E061-02BETWEEN predicateYes 
E061-03IN predicate with list of valuesYes 
E061-04LIKE predicateYes 
E061-06NULL predicateYes 
E061-08EXISTS predicateYes 
E061-11Subqueries in IN predicateYes 
E061-13Correlated subqueriesPartialOnly correlated subqueries that can be decorrelated with rewrite rules supported
E071Basic query expressionsYes 
E071-01UNION DISTINCT table operatorPartialCorresponding By syntax not supported
E071-02UNION ALL table operatorPartialCorresponding By syntax not supported
E071-05Columns combined via table operators need not have exactly the same data type.Yes 
E071-06Table operators in subqueriesYes 
E081Basic PrivilegesYes 
E081-01SELECT privilegeYes 
E081-03INSERT privilege at the table levelYes 
E081-04UPDATE privilege at the table levelYes 
E091Set FunctionsYes 
E091-07DISTINCT quantifierYes 
E101Basic data manipulationYes 
E101-01INSERT statementYes 
E101-03Searched UPDATE statementYes 
E101-04Searched DELETE statementYes 
E131Null value support (nulls in lieu of values)PartialNull specification is supported
E141Basic integrity constraintsYes 
E141-03PRIMARY KEY constraintsPartialNon-validated
E141-04Basic FOREIGN KEY constraint with the NO ACTION default for both referential delete action and referential update actionPartialNon-validated
E141-10Names in a foreign key can be specified in any orderYes 
E151Transaction supportPartialAutocommit transaction for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE
E161SQL comments using leading double minusYes 
F031Basic schema manipulationYes 
F031-01CREATE TABLE statement to create persistent base tablesYes 
F031-02CREATE VIEW statementYes 
F031-03GRANT statementYes 
F031-04ALTER TABLE statement: ADD COLUMN clauseYes 
F031-13DROP TABLE statement: RESTRICT clauseYes 
F031-16DROP VIEW statement: RESTRICT clauseYes 
F041Basic joined tableYes 
F041-01Inner join (but not necessarily the INNER keyword)YesNamed columns join not supported
F041-02INNER keywordYes 
F041-05Outer joins can be nestedYes 
F041-07The inner table in a left or right outer join can also be used in an inner joinYes 
F051Basic date and timeYes 
F051-01DATE data type (including support of DATE literal)Yes 
F051-03TIMESTAMP data type (including support of TIMES- TAMP literal) with fractional seconds precision of at least 0 and 6.Yes 
F051-04Comparison predicate on DATE, TIME, and TIMES- TAMP data typesYes 
F051-05Explicit CAST between date- time types and character string typesYes 
F052Intervals and datetime arithmeticYes 
F081UNION and EXCEPT in viewsPartialUNION only
F131Grouped operationsYes 
F131-01WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING clauses supported in queries with grouped viewsYes 
F131-02Multiple tables supported in queries with grouped viewsYes 
F131-03Set functions supported in queries with grouped viewsYes 
F131-04Subqueries with GROUP BY and HAVING clauses and grouped viewsYes 
F171Multiple schemas per userYes 
F200TRUNCATE TABLE statementYes 
F201CAST functionYes 
F261CASE expressionYes 
F261-01Simple CASEYes 
F261-02Searched CASEYes 
F311-02CREATE TABLE for persistent base tablesYes 
F311-05GRANT statementYes 
F382Alter column data typeYesUses nonstandard syntax
F391Long identifiersYes 
F401Extended joined tableYes 
F403Partitioned join tablesYes 
F531Temporary tablesYes 
F555Enhanced seconds precisionYes 
F561Full value expressionsYes 
F591Derived tablesYes 
F641Row and table constructorsYes 
F651Catalog name qualifiersYes 
F846Octet support in regular expression operatorsYes 
F847Nonconstant regular expressionsYes 
F850Top-level <order by clause> in <query expression>Yes 
F851<order by clause> in subqueriesYes 
F852Top-level <order by clause> in viewsYes 
F855Nested <order by clause> in <query expression>Yes 
S023Basic structured typesYes 
S091Basic array supportYes 
S091-01Arrays of built-in data typesYes 
S091-02Arrays of distinct typesYes 
S098ARRAY_AGGPartialcollect_list does the same
S201-01Array parametersYes 
S281Nested collection typesYes 
T021BINARY and VARBINARY data typesPartialBINARY only
T031BOOLEAN data typeYes 
T051Row typesYes 
T071BIGINT data typeYes 
T121WITH (excluding RECURSIVE) in query expressionYes 
T122WITH (excluding RECURSIVE) in subqueryYes 
T172AS subquery clause in table definitionYes 
T326Table functionsYes 
T331Basic rolesYes 
T431Extended grouping capabilitiesPartialGrouping sets need to be extracted manually from a bitmask
T433Multiargument GROUPING functionYes 
T441ABS and MOD functionsPartialABS provided, MOD provided via % operator
T501Enhanced EXISTS predicateYes 
T581Regular expression substring functionYes 
T611Elementary OLAP operationsYes 
T612Advanced OLAP operationsPartialPERCENT_RANK, CUME_DIST and ROW_NUMBER supported
T613SamplingYesNonstandard syntax via TABLESAMPLE
T614NTILE functionYes 
T615LEAD and LAG functionsYes 
T616Null treatment option for LEAD and LAG functionsYes 
T617FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE functionsYes 
T621Enhanced numeric functionsYes 
T631IN predicate with one list elementYes 
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