Hive PTest2 Infrastructure
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What the hosts, paths, etc, should I be aware of?

  • Master:
  • Logs:
  • Paths:
    • Profile properties files: /usr/local/hiveptest/etc/public/
    • Test Logs: /data/hive-ptest/logs/
    • Webservice logs: /home/hiveptest/apache-tomcat-7.0.41/logs/
    • Working Directory: /data/hive-ptest/working/ (where libs, source, etc are stored)
    • Scripts: /usr/local/hiveptest/bin/
  • Relevant JIRAS: HIVE-4675 and HIVE-4739

How do I setup a new branch?

In /etc/hiveptest/public/ you should create a file called and Please copy or The file should be updated accordingly.

How do I stop, start, restart, or fetch the latest code on the master?

$ sudo /usr/local/hiveptest/bin/ 
$ sudo /usr/local/hiveptest/bin/ 
$ sudo /usr/local/hiveptest/bin/ 
$ sudo /usr/local/hiveptest/bin/ 



The ptest2 webservice runs on and builds are executed from there. When a build runs on apache jenkins it makes a webservice call to the master and then tails the log file of the test in progress. Committers can be granted access to this host by request, see HIVE-4739.

The master spins up ec2 instances, executes the tests, aggregates the results, and then waits for 30 minutes for further tests. Receiving none it will shutdown the slaves.

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