Jakarta status report for August - October 2009. There are no issues requiring board attention at this time.

PMC membership updates

Over the last three months, the Jakarta PMC has gone from being the largest PMC in the foundation records to the second largest, from having 120 members on the PMC to currently 87. A number of PMC members who no longer have a lot of interest or time to devote towards Jakarta anymore have stepped down. At the same time, we also checked with 28 PMC members who were no longer subscribed to the private list, 2 of whom decided to stay on and subscribe.


  • BSF 3.0 (Oct 9th)

Subproject news


Occasional post to the user list, in maintenance mode. Dave Brosius has made a number of code improvements in the last week.


There have been discussions about a 3.0 release. There has also been interest from Rony Flatscher in continuing the 2.x line of development for a 2.5 bugfix release.

There have been a number of improvements, an SVN reorganization and work was completed towards a 3.0 release, mostly by sebb.

BSF 3.0 was released on October 9th.


A couple of user list posts, no development activity since last report.


No activity - maintenance mode.


The user list has been active, and a couple of bug fixes have recently gone in. Aaron Smuts has been responding to user queries and making the code fixes.


JMeter has been the busiest part of Jakarta in the last three months.

Sebb continues to make many improvements. The code in trunk is being upgraded to JDK 1.5 which has offered the opportunity for related improvements. There have been a number of new Bugzilla reports, including a few patches being proposed.


Some activity in bugzilla in September - maintenance mode.


No activity - maintenance mode.


This is the last board report that will list Taglibs updates.

As reported in July, the Tomcat project will host three of the taglibs (RDC, Standard, Extended) going forward and the rest of the taglibs have been retired. Henri Yandell did most of the work to make this happen.

The SVN move for the three taglibs is complete. The websites have been migrated to the tomcat.apache.org site. Bugzilla and Gump have been redirected. The taglibs-user list has been maintained and moved over to the tomcat.apache.org domain name, while the main Tomcat development list will now be used for contributor discussions. The taglibs-dev Jakarta list has been closed.

Taglibs updates will henceforth be part of the Tomcat board reports.

Retired Projects

  • Slide
  • Taglibs (partial)
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