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  • The problem currently, is that JMeter's test tree doesn't distinguish between elements that are sequenced and elements that are not. Timers, for instance, need not be in the tree in any particular order, only their hierarchical position is important. I think JMeter's GUI ought to have a nifty and intuitive way to make this clear.
    • Or perhaps Timers could automatically "snap" to the start of their level? [Actually, I would prefer it if Timers did take effect at the appropriate point!] – SebB

  • It would also be nice to be able to distiguish the various different controllers. This could be done by using different icons, maybe using some kind of "decoration" on the existing icons – SebB
  • Usability – particularly related to Tree handling and screen real-estate usage – is also a serious concern. The tree structure is a good metaphore, and it should be kept. But we need better ways to construct and edit it, not relying on right-click so much.
    • I thought about adding a toolbar so you could create a new test element by just clicking on a button in the tool bar – OliverRossmueller
  • One thing that bothers me is that JMeter does not keep track of the project files. So, every time I run JMeter, I have a to browse a long way in order to find and open my JMX file – FelipeLeme
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