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Welcome to Kylin Wiki.

How to reivew or discuss

Maybe you want to discuss with author or comment to express you point of view, please login your account and add comment all the public wiki article. You will have two choose inline comment or general comment.

If you find anything wrong for specific words or sentences, you may leave your inline comments; if it is not your situation, please leave a general comment under the whole article.

Following shows how to leave a inline comment.

How to contribute a new wiki

  1. Send a Email to Kylin Dev's mailing list or one of the documentation maintainer, the email should contain:
    1. You want to update or add a new page ? 
    2. Why you find it is a necessary to update documentation ?
    3. The URL of wiki you want to update or add ?
    4. Your apache  account (register one if you don't have it)?
  2. When maintainer approve your request, he/she will create a empty wiki page for you and add restriction for the provided wiki URL (so that only author and maintainer can view an edit).
    1. https://confluence.atlassian.com/conf75/page-restrictions-1004946474.html)
  3. After reviewed and approved by maintainer, maintainer will make this wiki link public, and the maintainer need to check if other part of wiki need to be updated after introduce this wiki/article.


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Yaqian Zhangyaqian_zhang@126.comGMT+8N/A
Shaofeng Shishaofengshi@apache.orgGMT+8N/A
Zhichao Zhangzhangzc@apache.org or zhichao.zhang824@qq.com GMT+8N/A
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