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 15:00 UTC


  • David Smiley, Alessandro Benedetti, Bruno Roustant, Gus Heck, Ishan Chattopadhyaya, Jan Joydahl, Kevin Risden, Yonik Seeley, Tomas Flobbe, Andrzej Bialecki, Jason Gerlowski, Houston Putman, Mike Drob, Scott Blum

Outline of discussion

These are crowd-sourced topics of interest.  Please put names next to it to lead the discussion (multiple people are fine!)

General project stuff:

  • Gradle Build; Status update
    • ant precommit vs git check
  • Developer Docs
    • asciidoc:  /dev-docs, /lucene/dev-docs, /solr/dev-docs.   (Jan)
    • Reminder: use different checkouts for the major branches    (David)
      • git worktree is great for this.  (David)
    • Not sure what "belongs" in cwiki vs dev-docs
  • Lucene web-site publishing re-do (Jan)
    • "lucene-site" separate repo altogether.  Documented in a README.  All git based publishing (separate branches).
  • Committer guidelines; revisit (David)
    • Need to do what I said in my last message to the dev list.  Retitle the doc.
  • software; maybe quick demo (David)
    • David met with them virtually and expressed needs around test failure diagnosis & notifications.  Shared hossman's site and explored what the gaps are.  They will get back to David with a prototype.
  • PR vs JIRA
    • Bots to cleanup PRs (Jan)
    • Notifications.  May want to comment on the JIRA issue about the PR. (David, Ishan)
    • Begin a PR with a URL back to JIRA.  (David, Gus)
  • Upstream feature branches?
    • David advocated avoiding upstream feature branches; do them on your fork instead.  Doesn't pollute the master namespace.   No git bot notification issue.
    • Someone ought to go through all those existing feature branches and triage their removal.
    • Ishan: what about ease of pulling local branches of others' work?
      • David recommended GitHub PR URLs, adding .diff / .patch and then copying content and applying in an IDE.
      • Kevin reminded us all PRs are available on the existing GitHub remote without the need for contributor-remotes.


  • SIP (Jan?)
    • SIP doc paired with JIRA issue.  Remember to post a dev message announcement of the SIP.
    • Existing ones are not getting enough attention.
  • Removing deprecations for 9.0 (David)
    • Delaying these so as to make back-porting safter/easier.
  • Backwards-compatibility and internal Solr APIs (e.g. SolrResourceLoader, ...) (David)
    • case-by-case basis.  Mark Deprecated in 8x if we can.
  • v1/v2 APIs; (Ishan)
    • v1 APIs should be deprecated in 8x. (Ishan)
    • Admin UI may need more love so that we miss V1 APIs less.  Don't want to have to go to the CLI for 90% of use-cases. 
    • Admin UI has a bug:  will replay/retry even for admin ops!
  • Technical improvements on SolrCloud RE Overseer (Yonik?).   Did not really get to this
  • S3 "shared" replica types (Yonik?). Did not really get to this
    • Supporting s3 backups (Houston)
  • Many-cores use-case.  (David, Yonik, Ishan)
    • Where/how do we collaborate?  A "umbrella issue" or just a JIRA tag or Slack channel or...?
  • Follow-up on previous meeting action items:
    • "Mark's colleagues to introduce Mark's code piece by piece into new JIRA issues over time"
      • Slow going; Mike Drob is doing some of this.
    • "Ishan to introduce a periodic benchmark system".  Did not review yet