Lucene would like to acquire a dedicated resource for running performance testing on a regular basis and that hooks into our Jenkins builds.

This machine would be used for:

  • Running very long running tests, maybe weekly, eg Test2BTerms (which takes ~6 hours on a fast machine); the existence of this machine would enable/encourage us to make longer running tests (Eg, index all of Wikipedia)
  • Performing standard performance benchmarks, likely at least daily, eg from luceneutil, which would let us track any slowdowns in indexing or searching over time; it's important the machine be fully idle to reduce noise, so that these results are comparable day to day

Preferred specs:

  • Modern 64 bit CPU w/ at least 4 real cores
  • 4+ local TB hard drive storage, across 2 drives (eg 2 2TB drives). At least one SSD would be a bonus
  • 8+ GB RAM, ideally at least 16 GB.
  • OS: modern Linux (there are more JVMs to swap in for random testing)
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