A retirement plan for plugins

1. Propose a vote on the dev-list to retire a plugin. The vote should be open for the standard 72 hours to allow people to voice their opinions. Send a cc to the users-list. Standard Apache voting rules apply. Only PMC votes are binding.

The vote must contain one or more options on how to retire the plugin. There are multiple scenarios available. Here are a couple that have been suggested:

  • Move to retired area in svn
  • Move to mojo.codehaus.org, apache-extras.org or another forge

2. Make one final release of the plugin before it is retired. This allows us to make a clean break. The final release must remove the "Source Repository" report from the site, since the SCM URLs will be changed when the plugin is retired. A prominent notice must be placed on the front page of the plugin's site, informing that the plugin is retired. If the plugin is moved elsewhere, that should also be posted on the plugin's site. The person who wants to retire a plugin is the one who does the final release.

3. Announce the fact that the plugin has been retired/moved on the announce@m.a.o and users@m.a.o mailing lists. Explain to people what they should do if they would like to help with the continued development of the plugin.