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====This is WORK IN PROGRESS====

Proposed guidelines

  • An issue that is considered a security issue must be tracked on JIRA with the label set to "security" and flag set to "important". 
    • The ticket must include information about the source of the finding and a description of the vulnerability.
  • An issue can be marked as a security issue at the time of creation of the ticket or any time thereafter as soon as such a determination is made.
  • The fix for an identified security issue will be applied to all existing branches, including all prior supported releases.
  • Issues may have two levels of security (INFRA-14182). Level 2 will be used for critical issues for which the exploit mechanism is best not publicized while a fix is in progress.
    • 1: Viewable by all, editable only by Committers and specific additional users
    • 2: Viewable and editable only by Committers and specific additional users. 
  • Once fixed, all issues should be set to level 1. 

How to determine security issues

  • Run Static Code Analysis Tool (Coverity) scans on every release to determine issues such as buffer overflow, memory corruptions, null pointer dereferences etc.
  • Use additional tools that scan for dependencies and find vulnerabilities using public vulnerability databases such as the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) as well as its own database.
  • Penetration tests (white box, black box, physical) undertaken as part of a security audit

Best Practices


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