Merging a pull request

Steps to merge a pull request from the github mirror. It assumes that you have a local repository on your laptop that is cloned from the apache git repo ( and you have the committer status to push changes to it and therefore merge pull requests made by others. 

This process merges code modifications on a sample branch on a remote named "testremote" at url into the master branch of the apache git repo.

1) Add the remote: git remote add <remote name> <remote url>

git remote add testremote


2) Fetch the remote

git fetch testremote


3) Make sure you are on master branch

git checkout master


4) Merge the pull request. In the commit message, you should add "This closes #X". X is the pull request number,.

git merge testremote/<branch name>


5) Push the commit to the master on the apache git repo.

git push origin master



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