Release Date

April XX, 2022 (Final)

April XX, 2022 (Planned)

Important Notes

With this release newt tool is by default doing shallow git copy. This is to improve installation time when performing 'newt upgrade'.

To get full git history one must do 'git fetch --unshallow' inside repository of interest.

New Features

DFU over USB support

USB standard DFU functionality that can be used to populate SLOT1 with new firmware image in application.

It is also possible to use USB DFU from bootloader to populate SLOT0.

Console over TCP

New tcp_console package allows to run console over TCP connection.

Ambiq Apollo3 support

Apollo3 MCU is an ultra-low power, highly integrated microcontroller platform from the Ambiq.


  • XM25QH32B Flash
  • MAX3107 SPI to UART
  • LSM6DSL accelerometer/gyroscope
  • Bosch BMA400  acceleration sensor
  • DS1307 RTC
  • DS3231 RTC

mbedTLS updated to 2.16.12

nrfx updated to 2.8.0

Segger RTT updated to rev 24346

Newt Tool enhancements

  • support for repositories without 'master' branch
  • support for repositories with symlinks
  • new 'config' package type - allows to share configuration between targets
  • subpriorities support for packages
  • suport for injecting syscfg option from command line
  • dependency graph output in DOT format
  • shorthand form for choices
  • const syscfg values - ontant config option that cannot be modified by other packages
  • dependencies for sysinit functions
  • shallow clone option - enables support for shallow copies of git repositories
  • experimental syscfg - if experimental config is enabled user for be warned about it
  • performance improvements for Windows

Improvements to existing features

nRF5340 support improvements

  • Virtual Flash driver over IPC
  • Networking Core image upgrade from Application Core
  • Combine build support (Network Core image embedded into Application core image)
  • Ability to run Application Core at 128MHz
  • I2S support
  • IPC driver improvements
  • USB support
  • Support for non-secure execution (ARM TrustZone) on Application core

Dialog DA1469x support improvements

  • SDK updated to
  • improved VBUS handling 
  • switch to 31250Hz cputime

USB support improvements

  • support for nRF5340
  • support for STM32F7
  • support for STM32WB55
  • VBUS
  • High Speed support on supported chips
  • support for PIC32MZ
  • WinUSB

HAL timer support for NXP Kinetis MCU

Support for hal_timer interface using the LPTMR modules.

Multiple fixes and improvement for PIC32

Unification of sbkr implementation

Previously multiple BSPs provided own copies of sbrk implementation. Now common implementation is shared among multiple BSPs.

Console improvements

It is now possible to handle console over TCP.

C++ support improvements

Various other bugfixes and improvements

Additional Board Support Packages

  • olimex-pic32-hmz144
  • olimex-pic32-emz64
  • nordic_pca10059 (nRF52840 Dongle)
  • ublox_bmd_345
  • dialog_da14695-dk-usb
  • apolloe3_evb
  • p-nucleo-wb55-usbdongle

Known Issues and Limitations

  • native target is not working on latest MacOS, this is due to OS no longer supporting 32-bit native applications


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