Release Date

September 12, 2017 (Final)

September 1, 2017 (Planned)

New Features

 LoRa stack

Bluetooth Mesh Support

  • port of Bluetooth Mesh application from The Zephyr Project
  • Provisioning client (both PB-GATT and PB-ADV)
  • GATT proxy
  • Foundation Models

Enhancement/Fixes to existing features 

NimBLE stack enhancements

  • GATT server improvements (support for changing registered services and toggling their visibility on the fly)
  • improvements in HCI monitor over RTT support
  • fixes for issues reported by static analysis tools

Newt Tool enhancements

  • support for new MCUboot image format that allows for re-signing of images.

Additional Board Support Packages

  • Calliope Mini

Known Issues and Limitations

Bluetooth 5 LE Coded PHY on nRF52840 PDK  - T_IFS is not stable

MYNEWT-783 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Newt has warning on multiple console  API exported  when building boot/boot_serial

newt resolves to use the correct console package and the warning can be ignored.

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