Release Date

June 12, 2018 (Final)

June 04, 2018 (Planned)


Important note about BLE and Bluetooth Mesh

NimBLE stack has been moved to separate repository. Initial release for NimBLE is 1.0 and is released together with Mynewt 1.4.

This is the only NimBLE release coupled with Mynewt release. From now on NimBLE will have own release schedule.

BLE sample applications are currently present in both -core and -nimble repos but will be removed from -core master branch shortly after release.

newt tool version 1.4 is required for upgrade to Apache Mynewt 1.4

Repositories dependency resolving was added in newt 1.4 and thus at least that version is required to perform upgrade to Apache Mynewt 1.4 release from older versions.

New Features

Switch from Nordic SDK to nrfx

Support for Cortex M3

Support for ARCv2 architecture


  • ADP5061 charger
  • DRV2605 ERM and LRA motor driver
  • TLC5971 RGB driver
  • LIS2DW12 and BMA2XX accelerometers
  • SX1272 Lora
  • LPS33HW and MS5840 pressure sensors

Helpers for debounce, buttons, blinker, and easing

Battery charge interface (sensors-like)

Support for QSPI Flash on Nordic nRF52

Support for SPI on RISC-V

Support for SPI/I2C/Timers/Watchdog HAL on all STM32 MCUs

True Random Generator (TRNG) driver interface

Doxygen generated documentation

Enhancement/Fixes to existing features 

BLE/Bluetooth Mesh  (Nimble 1.0)

  • Moved to separate repo -
  • removal of deprecated bletiny application (superseded by btshell)
  • Added NimBLE Porting Layer (NPL) which abstracts OS specific details to improve portability
  • Initial ports for FreeRTOS and RIOT OS
  • Support for advertising up to 1650 bytes of data with Extended Advertising
  • Support for host flow control
  • Support for Direct Test Mode (DTM) via HCI interface
  • Support for Device Information Service
  • Bugfixes for issues found on UPF59 and during BT certification testing
  • Lots of other bugfixes, minor enhancements and optimisations
  • Mesh improvements

LoRa stack:

  • config variable to distinguish boards with and without antenna switch

SystemView improvements

  • added tracing for more ISRs (for nRF51/52 and Cortex-M0/M4)
  • added option to trace non-OS modules (eg NimBLE)


  • support for asynchronous RX handling on UART
  • history support in console

Newt Tool enhancements

  • syscfg expressions
  • newtmgr code is now removed fom newt repo
  • selective repository option for install, update and sync commands
  • support for repository dependencies ie repoA can depend on version X of repoB
  • cmake support improvements

Newt Manager (newtmgr)

  •  interactive shell for CoAP operations

Additional Board Support Packages

  • Olimex STM32-P103
  • embARC EM Starter Kit (EMSK)
  • Nucleo F413
  • Nucleo F303K8
  • Nucleo F303RE
  • DWM1001-DEV board
  • Puck.js

Known Issues and Limitations

  • NIMBLE-129   Connect as central with privacy and encryption enabled  fails on nRF51



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