Release Date

August XXX, 2023 (Final)

August 09, 2023 (Planned)


New Features

Initial support for ISO Broadcaster

Initial implementation of ISO broadcaster is present (controller only). Currently only un-framed ISO data is supported.

Support for Bluetooth Core Specification 5.4

It is now possible to select compliance with 5.3 version of Bluetooth Core Specification. Note that not all optional features are supported yet.

Nordic nRF52 and Nordic nRF53 PHY driver unification

Both families are now using same nRF5X PHY driver.

Support for HCI CDC transport of USB

This allows to use HCI over USB CDC on supported chips.

Host API additions

  • API for reading and writing suggested data length
  • Lost Bond and GAP Pairing Complete events for better handling of pairing process
  • API documentation improvements
  • Direct Test Mode (DTM) API

Support for configuring PA/LNA turn-on times

This allows to specify how long it takes for PA/LNA to turn on.

Skyworks SKY66112 runtime configuration

It is now possible to configure various modes of operations in runtime.

Support for Nordic nRF21540 and Skyworks SKY66403-11 FEM modules

it is now possible to use more FEM modules.

Generic interface for controlling FEM antenna

Support for Vendor Specific HCI command for controlling FEM antenna selection (if supported by FEM).

Generic HCI IPC transport with flow control

Multi core MCUs (Dialog and Nordic nRF5340) are now using common IPC transport.

Support for non-Bluetooth items in LL scheduler

This allows to implement custom protocols along Bluetooth connections.

Tools for Bluetooth performance measurements

This new tool (located in tools/hci_throuput folder) allows to test controller performance using blehci app.

Enhancement/Fixes to existing features 

  • Fake dual-mode support improvements
  • Connections Strict Scheduling improvements
  • Improved handling of PA/LNA configurations by Link Layer
  • various fixes and improvements
  • High voltage support for nRF5340 allowing up to +3 dBm TX power
  • Linux port improvements

Known Issues and Limitations

  • GATT Long Write is failing on nRF51
  • GCC 11.1 fails to compile nRF5x radio drivers
  • RIOT port is not building


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