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Welcome to the Apache NetBeans IDE community acceptance testing (NetCAT) initiative! If you have not heard about NetCAT before, please read what it's all about. Simply put, the goal of NetCAT program is to get early feedback on the main features and confirmation from NetBeans community that quality of the product is ready for the official release.

Time Schedule

This is a rough plan of important announcements, milestones and tasks scheduled for the following couple of months that the NetCAT program typically takes.

Start DateDescription
2019-02-01Preparation - schedule, pages, Synergy (3 days)
2019-02-04NetCAT 11.0 invitation sent, volunteers start joining
2019-02-07Synergy test run prepared,
2019-02-11Tribes updated, test assignments created (1 per participant), testing starts on vc1
2019-02-21Request to switch to vc2 sent
2019-02-251/2 way sync-up with tribe leaders
2019-03-07Request to switch to vc3 sent
2019-03-11Community Acceptance survey launched for vc3
2019-03-18Certification completed, blockers fixed in vc4 or waived
2019-03-22Community Acceptance survey closed and results published, satisfaction survey launched
2019-03-28Apache NetBeans 11.0 released
2019-03-29Satisfaction survey closed and results published, NetCAT 11 closed

  • Synergy - test specifications and test run management system for the NetCAT program
  • NetCAT participants - list of volunteers who signed up to participate in the NetCAT program
  • NetCAT tribes - overview of teams responsible for respective functionality areas in the Apache NetBeans IDE
  • JIRA dashboard - main dashboard providing basic statistics about quality of the Apache NetBeans IDE
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