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Any plugin that aims to be published on the Apache NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center (PPUC) must pass verification test. That means that the plugin satisfies the following requirements:

  • Plugin's module descriptor (Info/info.xml) contains all the necessary information, especially OpenIDE-Module-Name attribute.
  • There are no dependency problems during installation of the plugin
  • It is possible to smoothly install the plugin as manually downloaded NBM file or set of NBMs in case of ZIP suite
  • The plugin is not intrusive i.e. does not significantly change user's layout, look&feel and setup of the IDE, no popup windows are opened etc.
  • The plugin causes no adverse affects to the basic Apache NetBeans IDE functionality. These adverse affects include:
    • Exceptions caused by the plugin that occur outside the scope of the plugin usage. Exceptions that occur while using the plugin functionality are acceptable. The verifier is encouraged to submit an issue against the plugin for the benefit of the plugin owner.
    • Performance degradation using the IDE. If the performance degradation is limited to when the plugin is being used, this is acceptable.
    • UI freezes. If the IDE UI freezes and can directly be attributed to having the plugin installed, the plugin will fail verification.
    • The plugin will not fail verification based on features and functionality. For example, if a "vi" editor plugin doesn't support all the standard "vi" key bindings, this would not be grounds for failing the verification process.
  • It is possible to smoothly deactivate the plugin
  • It is possible to smoothly uninstall the plugin
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