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New users are often confused by the extensive OFBiz documentation.
This page puts links to the documents in a logical order, so new users can get up to speed quickly.
Please help us by adding links to documents you know about.

Evaluating OFBiz
Getting OFBiz
  • System requirements 
  • Downloading
  • Installation: Apache OFBiz Getting Started has good material on some initial customization.
  • Customizing
  • Updates and upgrades
Using OFBiz
  • Manager evaluation/planning manual
  • Administrator implementation manual
  • User operation manual
  • Developer reference manual
  • Training videos
  • Customizing for particular industries
Getting help
  • Documentation
  • FAQ - Tips - Tricks - Cookbook - HowTo
  • Wiki
  • Mailing lists & archives
  • IRC channels
  • Search documents
  • Data model background
  • Key data model reference
  • Universal data modeling
  • Parties and Party Groups
  • Users, authentication and authorization/permissions
  • Stores, catalogs, virtual & variant products
Developing in OFBiz
  • Code organization
  • Entity engine
  • MPV model
  • Screen design
  • CRUD operations
  • Code style, validation and testing
OFBiz Project
  • Credits
  • Version history
  • Known bugs
  • To-do list
  • Future plans
News and resources
  • Recent news
  • Websites & blogs
    • Antwebsystems Co.Ltd OFBiz general weekly blog by Hans Bakker and employees.
    • OFBiz Tutorials
    • Ruth Hoffman discusses OFBiz at
  • Articles, Books, Presentations
    • Now available 9.04 updates to "Getting Started with Apache OFBiz E-Commerce Out-Of-The-Box".
  • Hosting
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  1. Not moving to Trash yet because there are some topics that could be useful for the End User Guide in here.