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OFBiz is part of the non-profit Apache Software Foundation, and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Legal Previously Asked Questions page

This page provides a history of answers to questions asked on the legal-discuss@ mailing list, and the scope of those answers. As each answer is as much dictated by Apache Software Foundation (ASF) policy as any other interpretation, it is of most value to ASF projects.

Frequent Questions about Apache Licensing

This page answers most of the common queries that we receive about our license, licensing use of the software, and packaging or redistributing it.

ASF Trademark Policy

This document outlines the policy and guidelines of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for the trademarks and graphic logos we use to identify ASF and any software developed and distributed by ASF. The Apache Software Foundation owns all Apache-related trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos.