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Report for March 2010 for OFBiz (Open For Business) as a top level project.

The Apache Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz) is an open source
enterprise automation software project. By enterprise automation we mean:
ERP, CRM, E-Business / E-Commerce, MRP, SCM, CMMS/EAM, and so on.

We have no issues that require Board assistance at this time. However we
know that there are some concerns about the OFBiz release strategy and we
want to assure the Board that we are aware of the ASF policies about
releases, that we are taking in serious consideration the concerns and in
fact we are discussing a different release strategy that will work well
for OFBiz and will be in line with the ASF policies.

Community and Project

  • Community interaction remains strong, user and dev mailing lists traffic
    is high, here are the number of subscribers to project mailing lists in
    early March: 718 466 218
  • number of commits (from 2009-12-10 to 2010-03-10) is 1132
  • Significant new development continues, for highlights see:
  • Apache Commons has granted Adrian Crum (OFBiz PMC member) karma to move
    the OFBiz conversion framework to Apache Commons sandbox, with the goal
    being to have it replace their abandoned Convert project
  • Jacopo Cappellato has been voted new PMC Chair after the resignation
    from this role of David Jones; David is still actively involved in the
    project both as PMC member and committer
  • No new committers or PMC members


  • We have recently completed the migration of all our resources to official
    ASF servers, managed by ASF Infra. However, because of the migration, we
    are still having some issues, but we are working with Infra to fix them
    (see Jira tickets INFRA-2483, INFRA-2482 and its subtasks)
  • We have also requested a legal advice for a minor license issue
    (see Jira ticket LEGAL-69)
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