Due to spam, the infrastructure team has restricted the access to all ASF Confluence open wikis (Confluence is shared by all ASF projects). If you want to add or edit a page, comment or attachment, you need to sign up (create an account in Confluence) and be registered by the OFBiz team as a contributor. If you have already signed up to Confluence, to register simply send your Confluence username (see in your profile) to the OFBiz user Mailing List: user@ofbiz.apache.org. We will then register you as an OFBiz contributor.

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Apache OFBiz (Open For Business) Wiki

Table Of Contents

Learning About OFBiz

What Is Apache OFBiz?
Getting Started
Is OFBiz For Me?

OFBiz Books

Technical Documentation

The Technical documentation wiki is more for Ofbiz contributors. It contains technical documentation and development co-ordination information.

End User Documentation

There is an ongoing effort to build end user documentation using the content management features of Ofbiz itself. See the Ofbiz demonstration site (user name: admin, password: ofbiz).

There is also a wiki with some end user documentation .

OFBiz Project Administration

A wiki for administration of the Apache OFBiz project .

OFBiz Requirements and Design

A wiki for gathering and discussing requirements and design for Apache OFBiz .

Old Wiki

An older Ofbiz wiki that hasn't been changed since 2007 can be found at http://web.archive.org/web/20070811060319/http://ofbizwiki.go-integral.com/ (use the Page Index and your browser find capability to look for something as search does not work any more).

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