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Report for June 2013 for Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) as a top level project.

Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open source
enterprise automation software project. By enterprise automation we mean:
ERP, CRM, E-Business / E-Commerce, MRP, SCM, CMMS/EAM, and so on.

We have no issues that require Board assistance at this time.


  • new release: "Apache OFBiz 12.04.01" has been released in April 2013; this
    release is an important milestone for the project because it contains all
    the features of the trunk up to April 2012 and since then has been
    stabilized with bug fixes. It is now the OFBiz current stable release:
    users of the 11.04 series are encouraged to migrate to this release in
    order to get all the new features implemented from April 2011
    thru April 2012
  • we are in the process of preparing new bug fixes releases for the 10.04,
    11.04 and 12.04 series; the release for the 10.04 series will be the last
    of this series
  • we have decided to postpone the creation of the 13.0x series (initially
    planned for April) of a few weeks because we wanted to include in it a
    series of important framework refactorings that we are doing in the trunk

Community and Project

  • Al Byers resigned from the OFBiz PMC; Al was one of the early (pre ASF)
    committers of OFBiz but has never been very active since years and was not
    an active PMC member
  • no new committers or PMC members have been added in this quarter; the
    last committer was Paul Foxworthy (paulfoxworthy), invited in
    November 2012
  • mailing list traffic is lower than in the past years but it is still
    relevant and there is good community interaction

We have no issues.

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  1. Hi Japoco,

    Should we not also mention that the 10.04 will no longer get "support" (bug fixes, though maybe as it will far easier to continue than wil 9.04 we will maybe do it...)
    Or maybe, as it's rather a technical issue, this should be only explained on the download page, and is not needed to report to the board?