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OFBIZ-1902 - Getting issue details... STATUS

put this in the main build and use
ant ofbizkey
note:you may have to delete the framework/base/config/ofbizssl.jks
I am still working on taking data from the
and doing a auto delete in the script.

<target name="ofbizkey">
<echo message="[genkey] ========== Start genkey for Ofbiz main cert Key =========="/>
<echo message="[genkey] ========== removing Ofbiz main cert Key =========="/>
    <genkey alias="ssl" storepass="changeit" keystore="framework/base/config/ofbizssl.jks" storetype="JKS" keypass="changeit"
      dname=", OU=SSL Server Testing, O=Apache Open For Business, C=US, ST=Delaware, L=Dover"/>
<echo message="[genkey] ========== genkey for Ofbiz main cert completed =========="/>
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