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This survey was created to get feedback about the Apache OFBiz Community Day held in February 2020 (21st – 25th February).

The information gathered will be used to help us to improve future Community Days.

  • A total of 8 responses were recorded and the details are recorded below.

Response Frequency

The survey was open for a total of 1 week (2nd March - 9th March 2020).

Survey Questions

Question 1: Please tell us about yourself. Are you

Comments :

  • The objective of this question was to find out the profile of the people participating in Community Day.
  • The question was phrased specifically to identify End Users and Contributors as the previous community survey indicated the community profile was largely integrator based. Attracting more contributors and End Users is a key goal for the project.
  • Only one response was allowed.

Conclusions :

  • The majority of respondents fell into the category of End User, Contributor and Integrator. This was expected based on the results of previous surveys showing a high integrator base.

Question 2: What version of Apache OFBiz do you run?

Comments :

  • The objective of this question was to understand which versions of OFBiz our respondents were running.

Conclusions :

  • The main version being used was the Trunk, followed by 17.12. This is interesting because these are unreleased versions that offer the most up to date functionality.
  • It is still interesting to see that 3 people were running 14.12 or earlier.

Question 3: During Community Day, did you work

Comments :

  • The objective of this question was to understand how much collaboration or group working occurred
  • It was phrased specifically to separate group and remote collaboration
  • Only one response was allowed

Conclusions :

  • The majority of respondents worked together as part of a team in one place.
  • An interesting result was the remote working with one or more community members.

Question 4: During the OFBiz Community Day, what was the main thing you worked on?

Comments :

  • The objective of this question was to find out which areas were worked on.
  • It could also be used to find out which were the most popular areas the community wanted to work on

Conclusions :

  • The majority of respondents worked on fixing bugs and implementation of new features.
  • People also spent time on documentation and reviewing and testing patches, which is very good.

Question 5: How much time did you spend working on OFBiz Community Day activities?

Comments :

  • The objective of this question was to find out how much time was spent working on tasks during the Community Day
  • Only one response was allowed

Conclusions :

  • It was interesting, the majority of people (42.86%) spent over 5 to 7 hours working on Community Day tasks.

Question 6: Evaluate the following statements

Comments :

  • The objective of this question was to find out whether the communications or preparations for Community Day were adequate and whether more planning or organisation was required
  • It was also a question that asked if the community wanted more structure for the community day and more collaboration
  • One response was allowed for each statement

Conclusions :

  • The majority of respondents thought that the Community Day details were well communicated. Details were published on the project mailing lists.
  • There was a mixed response around planning and organization.

Question 7: Would you participate in future OFBiz Community Days?

Conclusion :

Majority of people will participate in future community day, it's great news! (smile)

Question 8: How frequently would you like OFBiz Community Days to be held?

Conclusion :

Mixed responses are found in doing community day 4 times and more than 4 times in a year.
The good thing is everyone wants the community day should happen frequently.

Question 9: Overall, how would you rate the OFBiz Community Day?

Conclusion :

Overall people are happy with community days.

Final Comments

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey that enabled me to provide these results and details. I hope that these are useful to the community now and into the future as we continue to look and survey our community base.

Please feel to leave any comments or observations.

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