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/application/product/conf/ has the basic configuration information use by the fedex code.
look for lines that have fedex in them.

  1. Template location
    is important if the format to and from fedex changes
  2. Credentials
    are supplied by fedex.

the connection is setup, by default as the test server.

  1. Company Party
    Must be filled in. this is normally a dummy entry and needs to be changed.
    Company profile
    • the following needs to be in the contact information
      • Postal Address
        • Make sure to have USA or CAN
      • Telephone Number
      • Fax Number
      • Email address

you can also find this in the demo data and change it there, then import through the webtools.

when you use the fedex it will give you log entries if every thing is not put in
if you have debug set to verbose you get a log entry
Fedex Response :
with some xml.
This tell you that you are connected to fedex servers and all the information is correct.

If you have not entered a Meter number in the properties, the code will attempt to get a subscription and a meter number automatically.

  1. Fedex weights are in pounds or kilograms. there currently is not conversion from other weights measures to pounds or kilograms.
  1. Fedex dimension measure are in inches or cm. there currently is not conversion from other dimension measures to inches or centimeter.

Note: the current implementation does not do multiple items per order.

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