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Features that should be available in the framework-only OFBiz distribution


At this time OFBiz is distributed as a single package containing both the framework and several complex ERP applications.
It is a shared community willing to have the framework part separated from the applications so that it could even be distributed alone and, only if needed, the selected applications added during deployment.

This page collects information, requirements and agreed todos that should be considered while working on the OFBiz framework. This should be also considered a guide to better coordinate efforts on this large, long-awaited task.

We had several discussions on the mailing lists. Please find here useful links.

End-User requirements

1. admin user should be created during the installation
2. admin can create users and let them log in
3. admin can assign to each user a set of permissions
4. users can login, access the home application and customize their default portal page
5. users can select a different theme among what admin has installed
6. users can change their details as name email, password etc.
7. users can ask for a forgotten password and receive by email
8. users (if given the permission) are able to send communications to other users
9. users can receive and read communications
10. users can access the online help system

To Do list

All the tasks that must be done to implement the framework-only distribution are grouped under this JIRA Issue OFBIZ-1867