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Work in progress

The Guidelines for using JIRA are currently worked out by contributors to have a base to agree on and further refinement.

For this, the following proposals are available:

Guidelines for Using JIRA Draft Proposal 1

Guidelines for Using JIRA Draft Proposal 2

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  1. Hi Michael Brohl , Pierre Smits , Sharan Foga ,

    Could we not get to a consensus, by possibly merging the 2 propositions and have only one as a reference. BTW then we could move it to the "internal" documentation (ie in Asciidoc source)

  2. They both have to be reviewed to be merged. Pierre has created a 2nd proposal instead of making annotations to the initial one which makes it difficult to compare (unless Confluence has a feature to compare 2 different pages). I will need some time for it...

  3. Hi Michael,

    I have tried 3 ways to compare the 2 pages

    1. Exports PDFs and compare. I stopped because, even if 7 days free triel, they asked for my credit card :/
    2. Created the child page Compare versions and compared with history, not of much help :/
    3. Copied the 2 pages and compared with WinMerge. A bit more helpful but not easy as well. I'll though continue this way...

  4. Hi Jacques,

    thanks for the reminder, I've lost focus on this...

    I think we should take the initial draft from Sharan and manually put alternatives from the 2nd draft into it, if we see points to discuss. Then remove draft 2 and make draft 1 the official guidelines page.