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Step-by-step guide

The main steps for installing OFBiz locally are as follows:

  1. Install Java SDK
    1. The current stable release (16.11) needs Java 1.8 as a minimum
    2. If you do not have Java installed then you can download it from here (ADD Link to Java for download)

  2. Download the latest stable release
    1. You can download the latest stable release via the following link (ADD link to Download)

  3. Building and Starting OFBiz
    1. Extract the downloaded zip file
    2. Open a terminal and navigate into the newly created directory
    3. Enter the following at the command line:

      Linux: ./gradlew "ofbiz --load-data readers=seed,seed-initial" loadAdminUserLogin -PuserLoginId=admin
      Windows: gradlew "ofbiz --load-data readers=seed,seed-initial" loadAdminUserLogin -PuserLoginId=admin

      Beware that copying this command in Microsoft Word will automatically transform the double dash in en dashes (Unicode 0x2013: –)
      Other cases not related to Word were also reported.So when this command does not work check that you are using dash!

      This command will build OFBiz and load the seed data and create the admin user that you can use to login.

    4. Check if OFBiz is started

    5. or needs to run normally simply run

      Linux: ./gradlew ofbiz
      Windows: gradlew ofbiz

      See From Ant to Gradle - trunk version for more details

  4. Logging into the Back End Applications
    1. Open your browser
    2. In the URL address bar enter https://localhost:8443/accounting
    3. The OFBiz login screen will be displayed
    4. Enter "admin" as the username and "ofbiz" as the password (NOTE: This user was created in the previous step)
    5. The OFBiz Accounting Manager application screen will be displayed
    6. You have now logged into OFBiz and can now navigate and use any of the back end applications (NOTE: The OFBiz install will be empty, there will be no chart of accounts, no transactions, no products, no customers and no suppliers)
    7. You can't log to the E-Commerce Store. You will get: "A Product Store has not been defined for this ecommerce site. A Product Store can be created using the ofbizsetup wizard."
  5. Stopping OFBiz
    1. Open another terminal and navigate to the OFBiz directory
    2. You can simply use Ctrl+C
    3. Or:

      Linux: ./gradlew "ofbiz --shutdown"
      Windows: gradlew "ofbiz --shutdown"

      Beware that copying this command in Microsoft Word will automatically transform the double dash in en dash (Unicode 0x2013: –)